Privacy Policy

Last updated: 2021-08-18


This is a policy regulating how Hypocampus AB, corp. id. no 559072-5155 (hereinafter ”Hypocampus”) processes personal data.

When you use our services, which currently include inter alia,,,, any subdomain to or, Hypocampus-based services and other Hypocampus-related sites and apps that state that, these services are powered by Cortexio (hereinafter ”the service” or ”our service” ), which is owned by Hypocampus. Therefore, in connection with the use of our services, we may collect and process certain personal data. This policy regulates our processing of personal data. By signing up for and using our services, you agree to our processing of personal data in accordance with this policy. We are the data controller for these personal data. We comply with the general data protection regulation (EU) 2016/679

1. Personal Data collected by the service

We collect personal data about you in order for our service to be able to give you an optimal learning experience

1.1 Mandatory personal data

We collect the following personal data, and the collection of this data is a requirement for the service to function.

1.2 Voluntary personal data

You may provide this personal data to the service, but it is not mandatory for your use of our services. However, if you provide some of these, we may be able to improve the services and your experiences since we may be able to suggest modifications of your study plan and provide recommendations based on the data you provide to us, which may in turn lead to improved study result.

2. Anonymous Data collected by the service

In addition to data collected described under 1.1 and 1.2, Data generated by your activity on the service is collected without any Personal reference.

The anonymous Data that is collected is used to improve the service.

Anonymous data that we collect:

3. How we store your Personal Data

We store the personal data we collect at Amazon Web Services. The servers are located in the EU, in Frankfurt, Germany.

Access to raw personal data is restricted to a few employees at Hypocampus AB and spreading this data without each user's permission is illegal in the EU with large fines and a potential personal legal prosecution as a result.

4. Why do we collect and store Personal Data?

We process your personal data for the following purposes:

4.1 Establish and administer customer relationships

4.2 General marketing purposes

4.3 Statistical purposes & further development

4. Personal adaption of the content

5. To improve our support services

6. Research purposes

We make personal data available for research purposes, but only in aggregated and anonymous format. If Personal and non-anonymous Data is shared this is always done with the consent of each user.

5. Legal grounds for Processing

We process personal data based on our legitimate interests, based on fulfilling our agreement with the registered person (i.e. you), and based on consent.

Specifically, our processing of personal data for the purposes of establishing and administering customer relationships (point 1 above) is based on our legitimate interests, if our agreement is with a school, or on fulfilling our agreement with the registered person, if our agreement is with you as a student. Our processing of personal data for general marketing purposes (point 2A above) is based on our legitimate interests, but, in the case of newsletters etc. (point 2B above), our processing is based on consent. Our processing of personal data for statistical purposes & further development (point 3 above) is based on our legitimate interests. Our processing of personal data for personal adaption of the content (point 4 above) is based on consent. Our processing of personal data to improve our support services (point 5 above) and for research purposes (point 6 above) are based on our legitimate interests.

Furthermore, we process personal data as required by law (e.g. for accounting purposes).

6. For how long do we store the Personal Data we Collect?

For students, we store the personal data during the time which you are a student and three years thereafter, unless you have requested deletion of the personal data before that point in time.

We store e-mail for subscribers to our newsletters and other marketing communication for the time period during which the subscription is active. If you have opted out of receiving newsletters and marketing communication, we store information about such opt-out for the sole purpose of ensuring that we do not send you such communication which you do not wish to receive.

Additionally, we may store the personal data for a longer time period as required by mandatory applicable law.

7. Transfer of Personal Data

In connection with the services we provide, we need to transfer personal data to third parties, and in such cases, we always enter into a data processing agreement with the data processor. Our current service providers are listed at: In case we transfer personal data outside the EU, such transfers are made under the EU’s standard contractual clauses.

8. Your Rights

You have the right to request information about which personal data we have collected about you and any personal data you have put in yourself, and the right to request that these shall be corrected or destroyed, or that the processing shall be restricted. You also have a right to data portability.

To the extent that the processing is based on consent, you can withdraw your consent at any time, as a whole or in part.

Please contact for all such matters.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the applicable data protection authority,